September 17, 2010

Google Music?

Billboard Magazine reports that Google will be going into the music sales business in the near future. Gossip is spreading.. $25/year as a subscription fee which would include cloud storage for all purchased music which could be streamed to supported devices. Another rumor is that their new service will be offering a one-time full preview of all tracks in their library. Wow, that sounds pretty good :)

Per DailyTech "An album download will reportedly generally cost $7. Most tracks will cost 70 cents, "superstar tracks" will cost 91 cents, and "catalog tracks" will cost 49 cents". They also wisely point out that Google is more flexible in providing both storage and traffic redirection and already has massive experience in the field thanks to YouTube as a multimedia streaming service.

Moreover, so many of us use their services that they can readily reach a sixth of the world population. I can sense that Apple might be working overtime in the time to come...

The main question here is will Google and its deals with music rights owners be DRM free or will they lock us down within their cloud?

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