November 8, 2012

Been gone

Haven't been posting since over a year now. Still glad to see so many page views and so many of you coming to visit, thanks! My absence and silence are not without reason of course. I changed my field of interest a bit due to changing jobs and responsibilities between 2011/2012, now dealing with a hell of a lot more servers, mostly Linux-based and doing a bit more tech support vs the previous project work and Windows servers as previously.

Now working for a major CDN and dealing with everything from HTTP(S) content delivery, live video streaming, on demand video, DDoS mitigation, application firewalls an more. So a lot of new, fresh ideas and a still a lot to learn. This year was very hectic and still trying to catch my breath from all the work and learning I had to go through.

Will try to be back more often (promises.. promises! :P) and stay informative. Maybe will post some basic stuff too which might be helpful for some.

Till then!

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